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Fun and Adventure Activities In Jaipur

Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan, is reputed for its historical monuments, food, and people, but are you aware of the fact that you can also enjoy some adventurous sports in the Pink City?

Most people visit Jaipur for sightseeing, monuments hopping, taking pictures, eating food, and shopping. But they miss out on exciting, thrilling adventures that can really spice up their trip. 

This article talks about the fascinating activities that you can enjoy in Jaipur when you’re done with all the sightseeing. 

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5 Adventure Activities In Jaipur You Can’t Miss Out

Many people lose interest after daily hopping into cafes, restaurants, and museums. These people seek thrills and sports to keep themselves engaging throughout their trip. 

Thankfully, the Pink City is home to many fun and sports activities to quench your thrilling thirst. Not many people prefer outdoor activities, but if you enjoy doing adventures, the opportunities are endless. 

1. Cycling Tour Of Jaipur: Go Wheelie In Pink City

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Cycling Tour Of Jaipur / Source: Tripadvisor

The Jaipur cycling/bike tour is the perfect way to cover every part of Pink City in a shorter period. This tour is very much preferred by solo travelers and is super affordable for the pockets too.

You can explore the major hilltop sites of Jaipur, ride through the majestic forts, roam around the city, and cycling is the perfect way to do all of this. A cycle tour can help you make new friends if you’re riding in a group, and trust me, you will enjoy it a lot. 

Jaipur cycle tour package covers almost all the prominent tourist places in the city, including all the forts, Hawa Mahal, museums, street foods, and shopping markets. On the other hand, if you prefer to ride your cycle alone, you can hire a bike from the rental shop and customize your trip as per your preferences.

The difficulty of cycling is 3/4 out of 10 in the Pink city, so it’s easily doable by everyone. Plus, it’s safe, hassle-free, and keeps you away from the transportation chaos. You can search for Jaipur cycling tours online as many operators are available at an affordable rates. 

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2. Chokhi Dhani Resort: Experience Traditional Rajasthan

chokhi dhani jaipur-roaming-jack
Chokhi Dhani, Jaipur

Chokhi Dhani resort is the pride of Pink City and is visited by thousands of travelers every year. They have a beautiful resort that is based on the Rajasthani traditional theme.

They offer multiple activities like magic shows, cultural dance, puppet art, camel riding, elephant riding, high jumps, and many more joyful events. The resort’s goal is to make the visitors’ nights unforgettable when they visit this earthy-vibing place.

One can easily spend 4-5 hours in this resort, as there is a lot to explore. This place has everything from playing to shopping, watching shows, and participating in events. 

You also get unlimited Rajasthani food, all included in the ticket price, and it’s pretty delicious to eat. They offer you multiple packages, so choose the one as per your preferences. The resort activities start in the evening only, so time your presence accordingly.

Google Maps: Link

3. PUNO – Adventure & Trampoline Center

PUNO – Adventure & Trampoline Center jaipur-roaming-jack
PUNO – Adventure & Trampoline Center, Jaipur

It’s a theme-based adventure park in Jaipur, situated just 12km from the Hawa Mahal. It’s a trampoline sports park which has a lot of adventurous activities. Kids, Adults, and seniors love spending time at this place, as it’s always a cherishing moment to live your childhood again. 

This adventure park has many activities such as Sky Rider, Cyclone, Trampoline, Free Jump Arena, etc. You can easily spend 2-3 hours at this place and relieve all your stress by playing and enjoying the sports activities. 

If you’re in Jaipur and feel like doing some exciting fun activities to rejuvenate your day, then PUNO is something you can visit. 

Google Maps: Link

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4. Jhalana Safari Park: Experience The Wildlife In A Jeep

Jhalana Safari Park jaipur-roaming-jack
Jhalana Safari Park, Jaipur

If you are not an indoor adventure enthusiast, don’t worry, you can explore the Jhalana Safari Park, which is famous for its leopards and wildlife. 

The Jhalana Safari Park is home to 30-35 leopards which are a treat to watch from the top of the jeep. This place is gaining popularity amongst the tourists as people always want to do some thrilling things on their trips, and what can be more perfect than a jungle wildlife safari.

The Safari has many animals such as spotted deers, blue bulls, wild boars, and migratory birds. If you’re lucky, you’ll see the leopards too, as they mostly seem relaxing throughout the day. You can also witness beautiful flora and other species in this safari park.

It takes almost 2-3 hours for the Safari to end, and the price is affordable too. Make sure to carry your camera equipment to get the perfect shots of the animals. 

Google Maps: Link

5. Hot Air Balloon Ride at SkyWaltz Balloon Safari

Hot Air Balloon Ride jaipur-roaming-jack
Hot Air Balloon Ride at SkyWaltz Balloon Safari, Jaipur

What can be more thrilling than doing a hot air balloon ride and seeing the magnificent views of the city?

The SkyWaltz Balloon Safari is located on the outskirts of Jaipur and can add adventurous wings to your Pink city trip. The trainers and pilots are highly professional, and from different countries, so people’s safety is their highest priority. 

They usually start their slots early in the morning to catch the early sunrise. You’ll love the takeoff and enjoy every moment of this aerial adventure till your balloon lands. It’s an offbeat experience and highly recommended for adventurous people. 

Google Maps: Link

Sure, Jaipur is a city of culture, tradition, and heritage and has a charm of its own. But you can also gift yourself some offbeat experiences that will make your trip unforgettable. There are many other fun activities in Jaipur as well, such as Camel riding, shooting range, zip climbing, rock climbing, etc.

A good piece of advice would be to always keep yourself fit and conscious on your journey to avoid any troubles and injuries. 

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