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Jaipur Packing List

You’ve booked your flights, hotels, and transportation and now eagerly waiting to enter the Pink city with a bang, but still unsure about the things to carry along with you?

It happens with all of us, we always leave the packing part for the end. However, it’s also important not to miss out on any essentials, especially if it’s your first time in India or you are on your first solo trip to Jaipur.

I have created the below list keeping in mind your weight carrying capacity, the essentials that will be super useful for you, and things that’ll help your travel experience better.

So, let’s find out what things to carry and what to drop in this ultimate Jaipur packing list guide:

Jaipur Packing List: 10 Items You Can’t Forget

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Jaipur Packing List: 10 Items You Can’t Forget

Your travel kit should have all the necessary items that you will require most on your trip.

1. A Small Backpack

If you’re coming to Jaipur, you must carry a small backpack with you. A small backpack will help you to juggle between the tourist places without carrying extra weight.

Pink City is full of crowd and traffic, so it will be easier to manage your trip with a lighter-weighted bag. It’s advisable to leave your clothes and other unwanted essentials at your hotel before going on your day trip.

When choosing a backpack, make sure it’s comfortable, has a decent strap, and has good interior space. A 10-15L bag would be enough to equip your camera, water bottle, umbrella, and travel essentials.

Quick Advice: Always carry a small lock for your bag to keep it safe in public transportations or cloakrooms. And, ensure to have at least 2-3 lock keys so that even if you lose 1 of them, you’ll stay in a good headspace.

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2. Power Bank

My trips are incomplete without carrying a power bank in my bag. Even if I go on a day trip, I keep a fully charged power bank because, without a charged phone, you cannot imagine a trip to an unknown place. 

Power Banks come in different battery sizes, weights, and shapes. You must choose the one as per your traveling needs but make sure to check its weight. A heavy power bank will only increase your bag weight or make your pockets heavier. 

Quick Advice: Do not compromise on the quality of the power bank and always prefer buying a good and long-lasting device. A 10,000 mAH power bank is good enough to charge your phone twice daily and will be light weighted too. 

3. Universal Adaptor

For Indians, you can skip carrying this, as most hotels or power sockets are the same across all cities of India. You can easily charge your electronic devices in your hotels, shops, and malls, as all have the same power sockets. 

However, if you’re a foreigner, especially from the United Kingdom, you should carry a universal adapter. Here in India, the power sockets are straight and might not equip your native chargers, so getting a smart universal adopter with yourself is best. 

Quick Advice: Don’t spend too much on buying a top-quality universal adaptor, as all work nearly the same. Instead, you can invest that extra money in other electronic items such as a gimbal, action camera, etc. 

4. An Umbrella

Jaipur is a beautiful city to vibe on, but its weather has a different story altogether!

The Pink City has hot and dry weather in most of the months. Especially if you’re traveling in the summer, the sun will shine brightly with no particular signs of cold air, making you a bit tanned. So, carrying a small umbrella with you is a great idea. Not only will it save you from the bright sun, but it will also add a fresh look to your pictures. 

Quick Advice: Be sure to carry a small, lightweight umbrella that can easily fit into your small backpack, and you don’t have to hold it in your hands all the time.

5. Camera

You’re visiting one of the most beautiful cities in India, so don’t miss out on carrying your camera. It can be a small action camera, DSLR, mirrorless camera, GoPro, or even a chest camera if you’re a vlogger.

If you don’t have a professional camera, carrying a good smartphone is also an excellent idea. Make sure you carry USB charging cables, extra storage cards, and power banks to keep your camera alive for the longest time.

Quick Advice: In most places, carrying your camera will be unchargeable. However, they might charge you extra money in some areas for taking your professional camera inside the monument. Always confirm over google map reviews or with the locals to ensure you’re not paying unnecessary money to carry your camera device inside. 

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6. Your Identity Document

If you’re going on a trip without carrying your personal identity document, it might lead to trouble. Every hotel in India takes your personal identity before your check-in process to document your entry in their records. 

Moreover, your identity document also helps you get a private vehicle for yourself, such as a bike, scooty, or a car. Below are the identification documents that are valid in almost every part of Jaipur:

For Indians,

  • Aadhar card
  • PAN card
  • Passport
  • Driving License
  • Voter ID card

For foreigners,

  • International Driving License
  • Passport
  • Country identity

Quick Advice: The most important tip is not to share your original identity with anyone while you’re traveling. Always carry photocopies and printouts of your identity, or you can also take pictures of your documents on your phone. Avoid sharing physical copies too, and try to share your digital documents whenever required.

7. Your Photo ID

While this is optional, it’s a good idea to carry a few photos of yourself. A passport-sized photo will be good enough; it doesn’t matter whether black/white or colorful. 

Sometimes, while booking a city tour package, or adventurous sports like a hot air balloon ride, they might ask you for your photo ID. Sometimes, it is needed for permits as well if the place is restricted for public visits.

Quick Advice: There might be some circumstances when people unnecessarily ask you for your photo ID in hotels or taxis, but avoid sharing it with them. You don’t have to give your photo ID to random people, and it’s better to show your personal identity document for verification purposes. 

8. First-Aid/Medical Kit

When traveling solo to any place, make first-aid or medical kit your friend. Trust me; your med kit will help you more than the locals when you feel dizzy or lousy on some day. 

Jaipur has some great Rajasthani food full of tangy flavor and hot spices. These spices can make your stomach go wrong, and they may also cause acidity or stomach infection. So, taking some stomach-ache pills or tablets with you is better to keep yourself ready for these situations.

Your travel medical kit can include Paracetamols, headache pills, stomach ache pills, warm bandages, band-aids, ENO, or any other suitable medication per your body’s needs.

Quick Advice: If you’re traveling solo, keeping your med kit with you is a great idea. Chemists are available in nearly all Jaipur markets, so getting yourself a pill/tablet will be easier too.

9. Proper Clothes

You’re entering the city of multiple colors, so do not compromise on your clothing essentials. Choose the best outfits for yourself with vibrant colors to match the city vibes. 

Jaipur welcomes people from all races of the world. It doesn’t discriminate against people of any religion, so all dressings suitably fit the city vibes. Just ensure you’re not hurting temple sentiments by wearing too short clothes that might create trouble.

If you’re going to Jaipur from March to October, the place will be hot and humid, so avoid taking any sweaters or jackets, warm inners, etc. It will not only be unsuitable for you to wear those warm clothes but will also increase your bag weight. 

If you’re going to Jaipur from November to February, the temperature usually ranges from 5 to 15 degrees, and you can carry your winter essentials to warm yourself.

Quick Advice: As Jaipur lies in Rajasthan, the city never witnessed winter snowfall. So, do not carry any snow essentials or boots, as you’re not going to require them even in the peak winters. 

10. Other Essentials

While the above items are must-haves when you’re visiting Jaipur, there are some other basic essential items that you can carry to make your traveling hassle-free. These are:

  • Hat/Cap
  • Sunglasses
  • Selfie Stick
  • Tripod
  • Bag lock
  • Sunscreen lotion
  • Toothbrush
  • Toiletries
  • Towel
  • Sanitizer
  • Face Mask
  • Reusable Water Bottle
  • Debit/Credit Cards
  • Headphones/Charger
  • Pen/Small Diary
  • Slippers/Comfortable Shoes

5 Things Not To Carry On Your Jaipur Trip

jaipur packing list - things not to carry
Jaipur Packing List: Things Not To Carry

Now that you know what essentials to take with you on your Jaipur trip, it’s more important to understand what things need to be left out.

Snow Clothes

The people of Jaipur do not expect snow even in their dreams, so we’ll also skip taking any snowing essentials to the city. The city stays warm throughout the year, except in peak winters, but it never snows there.

Bulky and Heavier Books

Most solo travelers take their books with them to spend their idle time in the city. It’s a great idea to gain knowledge while traveling, but one must keep an eye on the size of the book. Too many heavy books like the Potter Series will only make your bag heavier and occupy the majority of the space. An excellent hack is to replace the physical book with an e-book or pdf that can be easily accessible on your smartphone.

Ready-Made Food

Unless you plan a super long trip to Jaipur, you don’t have to carry ready-made foods or meals. Trust me on this; the city offers delicious cuisines and meals that will keep you full for the whole day. And you can always find something to eat, even at late night or early morning, so there is nothing to worry about on the food part.

Valuables Or Jewelry

You do not need to carry valuables such as gold emeralds, diamond necklaces, or ruby rings to the city. It would be a pity to lose them on your trip because the touring places get overcrowded, and there’s always a risk of someone snatching them without even hinting.

Always choose artificial jewelry or rings to add a unique touch to your pictures without carrying the headache of losing them.

A Lot Of Cash

It’s the most crucial tip for solo travelers. Do not carry a ton of cash when you can always transact online or dispense cash from ATMs. 

Carrying a lot of cash puts you at risk of dropping the money or someone robbing you, and things might go over the toss. Always put your large sums of cash in your hotel bag, and carry a small amount with you on your day trip. Try to transact online wherever possible to avoid taking out your wallet every time.

I hope the above article will help you decide what things to carry and what to leave while packing your backpack for your Jaipur trip.

You can always carry more items with you, which will eventually lead to excessive weight. Just equip your bag with the general essentials and some clothes, and you’re good to go!

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