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Jaipur Transportation Guide: How To Get Around In Jaipur?

Traveling to a city of over 4.2 million people can be overwhelming and chaotic. Though Jaipur is well connected with many means of transport, tourists still feel uncertain about choosing the best mode of transportation for themselves.

You’ll see people hopping on the buses and rickshaws, and you might get confused about what to choose to reach your destination. 

Don’t worry, my friend; I have also been through this chaotic situation. 

And that’s why I have created this Jaipur Transportation guide, to help you get around Jaipur city. So, keep jotting down the notes as we’re heading toward virtually riding the roads of the PINK CITY!

Before we start, for the ones who are still unsure about how to reach Jaipur, read below:

By Air

Jaipur has its international airport (JAI), located in Sanganer. The airport is connected with almost all the domestic and few international airlines. All major cities like Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, and Bangalore have daily flights to Jaipur. You can also get cabs or private shuttles outside the airport to drop you in the city.

By Bus

Traveling to Jaipur via bus is also convenient if you’re not coming via flight. There are many Volvo (AC/Non Ac), deluxe, and sleeper buses that can help you reach Jaipur from your city. There are regular buses from Delhi and other cities of Rajasthan. The buses drop you at the Sindhi camp, which is just 4 km away from the Hawa Mahal.

By Train

Jaipur railway station (JP) is well connected with trains from all parts of India. You can easily get a sleeper train ticket, which is also the cheapest mode of transportation among the three. However, trains in India get full very fast, so it’s advisable to get the ticket at least 20-30 days before. The Jaipur railway station is just 2 km from the Sindhi camp, and you can easily get transport to your hotel.

Jaipur Transportation Guide: Cheapest/Safest Options

getting around in jaipur - roaming jack
How To Get Around In Jaipur In Cheapest Way Possible!

Getting around in Jaipur is not that hard, and you’ll enjoy the wide variety of transportation the city has to offer. So, without any further ado, let’s quickly find out which transport is best for you on your Jaipur trip.

Before you read further, here is a piece of quick advice:

At some point, people/agents will ask you for a whole city package tour, and I would request you to avoid taking them as it might lead to a possible scam, and you’ll always end up overpaying them.

Mini Buses or Low Floor Buses

Buses are the best way to commute in the Pink City. Plenty of mini and low-floor buses roam around the city throughout the day, stopping at all possible stops.

These govt. buses are super cheap and can drop you at your desired places at any time of the day. They usually start at 7 AM in the morning and operate till 8 PM at night. 

However, with lower prices comes a lot of hassle. You might feel uncomfortable standing on the bus, plus, there’ll be pollution, heat, noise, crowd, and many other things, especially during the peak hours. It’s still a great way of commuting if you’re traveling on a tight budget. 

Hours of Operation: 7 AM to 8 PM (tentative)

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Auto Rickshaws/Tuk Tuk

Another popular choice of tourists to roam around the Pink City is commuting through tuk-tuks or auto rickshaws. They are small, fast, and compact, with nominal charges.

A private rickshaw will charge you more than a shared rickshaw, but it’s worth compared to cabs or buses. They are readily available at any point in the city, and with some negotiation, you can also ride a private rickshaw for a minimal price.

Recently, Jaipur has introduced E-rickshaws for traveling nearer destinations which are also super affordable and convenient to the public. For instance, If you want to travel from Hawa Mahal to the Albert museum, prefer taking an e-rickshaw.

Hours of Operation: 7 AM to 10 PM (tentative)

Private Cabs/Taxis

Private Cabs are the most used transportation by foreigners and people visiting for the first time in Jaipur. Arguably, they are easy to find; the driver talks less and drops you straight to your destination area. They are also safer, hygienic, and trusted than public buses or rickshaws. 

However, the private cabs rates are double than the other means of transport in Jaipur. You should only prefer cabs if you’re heading to the city from the airports or planning to go very far from the city where public transport is not readily available. 

You can expect to pay somewhere around 200-400 INR (3-5 USD) for short trips and 1000-1500 INR (20-25 USD) for longer trips. The price may increase depending upon the number of travelers, seasonality, crowd availability, and taxi union charges. It’s best to negotiate the price as low as possible to get the best deal for yourself.

Hours of Operation: Depending on availability

Negotiation Is The Key In India To Save A Lot Of Money On Transportation

Ola Cabs/Bikes

Like Uber, Ola is an app service to book your cabs/bikes online in Jaipur. It’s safe for women and solo travelers because the company tracks everything, from the location, speed, driver, and prices.

On my solo trip to Jaipur, I booked an ola bike in the early morning and visited all the major forts. I negotiated with the bike rider and asked him to give me a tour of all the three forts of Jaipur (Nahargarh, Jaigarh, and Amber fort). It costed me less than 700 INR ( 7-10 USD) for the whole day, and I saved a lot of money while covering all the significant hilltops.

Hours of Operation: 7 AM to 10 PM (tentative)

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Metros in the Pink City have become the talk of the town as it’s a super convenient way to travel faster and cheaper amongst the various parts of the city. However, the metro transit system is limited in Jaipur and doesn’t cover all tourist places in the city. In other words, it’s still in the initial phase. 

You can only visit limited places via metro in Jaipur as it doesn’t cover forts like Amer, Nahargarh, and Jaigarh. But still, if you’ve to roam around the city in the fastest and cheapest way possible, then the Jaipur metro is undoubtedly a good choice for transportation.

Hours of Operation: 6:30 AM to 9:30 PM (mostly fixed)

Own/Private Cars

Driving your car in Jaipur sounds like a great idea as you’ve your own freedom of driving, taking rests, unlimited stoppage, etc. Also, having your own car helps you get to places super early in the mornings or return to your hotels even at midnight.

However, driving a car in Pink City may get overwhelming because of the traffic, crowd, busy roads, and parking problems. Also, you have to always ask for the right directions to reach a place if google maps don’t work correctly.

For families, it’s still a great option, but for solo travelers, I recommend skipping taking your car to Jaipur if you’re all alone. 

Even if you still want to drive a car for 1 or 2 days, you can easily get a car on rent from the nearby rental shops. They take your personal identity, driving license, and security amount before giving you the vehicle. Always confirm the speed limits and other rules when driving in the city for the first time. 

Hours of Operation: On your own

Renting Bike/Scooty

This is one of the best ways to roam around the city if you’re traveling solo or in pairs. Scooters or bikes are readily available for a daily rental fee and are easy to manage. 

A scooty/bike in Jaipur typically costs around 500-800 INR (10-15 USD) for a single day with the helmet. You can quickly get one for yourself from the nearby vehicle rental store. Many hotels also rent scooters, and you can negotiate with them for the perfect deal. 

While renting, ensure the brakes are in good condition, the helmet has good structure, and the seats are fine with clean mirrors. I always create a video of the vehicle before renting it to ensure they don’t charge me for scratches or dents when returning it. 

Hours of Operation: On your own

A summary on how to get around in Jaipur (preferred manner):

If you’re traveling to:

  • Nahargarh Fort, Jaigarh Fort, Amber Fort – Choose Ola Cab/Bike, Private Cab/Taxi, Own rented vehicle
  • Hawa Mahal, Museums, Jantar Mantar – Choose Buses, auto rickshaws, Ola Cab/Bike
  • Street Food, Shopping Markets – Choose auto rickshaws, Ola Cab/Bike
  • Outskirts Places like Chokhi Dhani – Choose Ola Cab/Bike, Private Cab/Taxi, Own rented vehicle

Following the above guide will make your traveling in Pink City more manageable and affordable. Remember, negotiation is the key and a skill that will always help you save some money.

Happy roaming in the Pink City!

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